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>> hi, everyone. good morning. welcome to news for. i'm richard jordon. and i'm angie goff. outside it is cold and so dry, my lips are so, so chapped. >> you pulled it together, though. >> i don't know. wait until you get to the tight shot. >> chuck bell, what do you have for us this morning? >> my lips are chapped too. it's fun eny you would say that. i was looking for the chap stick for the first time of the cold weather season. if you haven't found it at your house, start looking. because the weather won't get
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more moist any time too soon. so for temperatures this morning, cold indeed. 41 at national airport. we did drop below 40 degrees a couple of hours ago at national. first time below 40 at national since early march. yes, indeed, a change in the seasons for sure. storm team 4 radar shows no rain drops too close to us. a few drops toward the virginia beach area, those won't bother us. dry in the upstream direction for us as well. sunday planner, cold day today. sunshine for most. fighting cloud cover across parts of northern and central virginia. we'll keep an eye on that won't both every anybody. temperatures in the low 50s. heading out to the redskins game, 1:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. mid to upper 40s with breaks of sunshine from time to time. we'll talk to your back to work and school forecast in a bit. >> all right, chuck. thanks.
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a teenager behind bars accused of forcing himself into a woman's home and stabbing her. on friday, he struck again. attacking another woman in a howard university dorm room. darcy spencer talked to students who say they are scared for their safety. >> reporter: a howard university student was raped in her dorm room friday afternoon. students are asking how the suspect was able to get in the all-women dorm and commit this violent crime. >> i do think the security needs to step it up. it's scary. >> reporter: police arrested demarco myles friday night. charging him with first degree sexual assault. the victim attacked after the suspect appeared in her room and tried to have a conversation with their. she reeigpeatedly asked him to leave, but attacked her with a
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brass knuckle style knife. any idea how he got in? >> no idea. >> reporter: the doors are locked. you need a security card, so how did the man get in? police are not saying. he is charged with an attempted stabbing and sucks you'll assault on another woman who remains in the hospital. key questions were not answered. myles left a piece of evidence at the howard dorm leading to his arrest, but they wouldn't say what that was. >> i can't actually tell you what the evidence was, because the investigation, although closed with an arrest, is still ongoing. in northwest washington, darcy spencer, news 4. >> howard university is hosting a town hall this afternoon at the dorm to answer student's questions and address concerns they have about campus safety. to sandy's impact. almost one week since the hurricane made landfall in parts of new york and new jersey are barely able to tart cleanup efforts. fema approved more assistance in
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the new york city area, expanding coverage to roads, water facilities, public you the tileities and parks. more than a million people in new jersey don't have power, it could be until wednesday before the lights are back on. the storm is blamed for 111 deaths in the u.s. for so many people the devastation is too much to bear, people in hard-hit areas are getting the help they need. those who can help are chipping in as best they can. jim rosenfield in the disaster zone. >> the stuff that once made up a home, now in a heap. all along cedar grove avenue in newdorph beach, kelly ackerman and her husband have been waiting outside their home. you have been sitting on the stoop how long? >> 2 ha1/2 hours.
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waiting for fema. >> i'm happy i survived. i'm grateful to be alive. >> reporter: after his sudden plunge into the storm surge. >> i was in the water for 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: because? >> the current kept taking me back that way. up by newdorph, it was shallow, but the current was strong and it was dark so i con grab anything. >> rescued by firefighters, ackerman comforts others, grateful to see help arriving for the beleaguered bu eed boro. we're getting the help we ed, and i'm glad everybody is sticking through this. it's big. >> food, water, gasoline, election advertiseity, terrible? >> the borough president pleased with the federal response with word of more gasoline on its way
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in large tankers from washington. this parking lot has become one-stop shopping here on staten island. men's clothing over here. over here, women's clothing, infant clothing. if you need a pair of shoes, laying out here on the pavement. and finally, of course, food and water, that you'll find over here, along with household supplies. >> it's very helpful. especially if you don't have at all nothing. >> what did you bring? toys, snowsuits for the kids, some more clothes. try to help out as much as i can. you know, it's sad. . >> reporter: sad, but days after crying out for help, but suddenly those dealing with this don't feel quite so alone. jim rosenfield, news 4. >> stay with news 4 and and remember, you can help the
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storm victims by going to, calling 1-800-help-now or text red cross to 909 9 to make a $10 donation. decision 2012. just two days until tuesday's election. a busy day as candidates are traveling back and forth. trying to motivate voters. they are passing right by each other at times. dubuque, iowa, the center of the political universe yesterday. both candidates visiting the town within hours of each other. they made their closing arguments on why they should lead the country for the next four years. >> the question comes down to this. you want more of the same or want real change? >> but here is the thing. we know what change looks like. and what he's selling is not change. >> the latest "des moines
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register" poll has romney leading obama in the hawkeye state. and later, the team is set to wear throwback uniforms from the 1937 redskins, the year the team boved from boston to d.c. and won their first championship. part of the annual homecoming game. helmets are designed to look like old-school leather. the redskins kick off against the panthers at 1:00. >> i really like the look. i know you're going to the game. so jealous. 6:08 the time right now. good sunday morning. coming up next in the half hour of news 4 today. >> live from democracy plaza with moderator of "meet the press" david gregory. >> and how long the cool temperatures will last. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has your sunday forecast next.
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anncr: it's said that character is what we do...
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when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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all right. we're breaking out all the products this morning. >> first vaseline and chap stick. >> or aquaphor. we have been complaining our hands being dry, trying to fund a great lotion. i put the lotion on before i came on and already started to crack. >> and love you like i do, i won't share my chap stick with you. >> don't worry. don't worry. >> we don't know each other quite that well. but beautiful weather, finally starting to come out. look at the picture behind us here, already, a golden glow to the sky out there. a nice change of pace, the real thing, clearing skies and daylight saving time, thing of the past.
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standard time means return of the sunshine an hour earlier, enjoy it, everybody. because at 5:04 when the sun goes down, you will think to yourself, that's early for the sun to be going down. before the week is through, our sunsets will be back before 5:00, and they will stay that way until 2013. why does that always sound so far away when you add on the next year. 41 degrees at national airport. winds light. out of the west, averaging 6 miles per hour, and the west/northwesterly breezes, nowhere near as fierce as the last couple of days. a cool start indeed. 32 in gaithersburg. 34 in manassas and bristow. 37 in culpepper and virginia. and 37 in winchester, virginia, 39 in charlestown, inwood, in the panhandle of west virginia. want to make sure i change the
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path, everybody. i heard about it from a lot of people. i didn't have the cat in the system. carolina panthers, not florida panthers. sunny breaks, but staying chilly. temperatures in the 40s, so it will be a very december feel to the day today. no rain drops around here. that's good news. a little impulse drifting down to the south today. traveling toward southern and southeastern virginia, back in the clouds. most most of the rain drops should be gone. a couple of systems, cooler air to the north and moisture along the gulf coast. keeping a close eye on the coming days. there will be another chance for a coastal storm to develop as we get toward the wednesday, wednesday night and thursday time frame. feeling milder today, even though it won't be all that much warmer, a little more sun and a lot lis wind will make it for a much more pleasant day to be outside. low pressure number one. off the coastline. clear skies again tonight.
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a series of fairly cold nights. generally in the 30s and highs only in the 40s to near 50. so there is a december chill out there that will linger in the coming days. still chilly, more sunshine from d.c. northbound to pennsylvania. more clouds from d.c. southbound to central virginia. overnight tonight, cold indeed, temperatures back to the 30s. and then tomorrow, not a bad way to get to the start of your week. sunny but chilly. high temperatures in the low 50s. election day, you must vote, or you cannot complain. i really wish that were the way that it is. but, unfortunately, i think a lot of people who do the complaining don't do the voting. only had 58% turnout in the presidential election, just a crushing disappointment. >> it's an exciting race, so we'll see. >> let's hope. >> thanks, chuck. next up, reporter's notebook, stories affecting our community. >> back in 15 minutes with
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another check of your sunday forecast. good morning, welcome to reporter's notebook. election day just two days away, and in maryland, voters returned last week to the polls on wednesday, in fact, after early voting had been canceled. previous two days due to hurricane sandy. there were long lines before sandy and long lines after sandy. many people seem surprised at the early vote turnout. it was only sandy that drove this early turnout? sandy before, because people anticipated the storm, and then after, because they had missed a couple of days? >> i think all over, people are just hyped up about this election. and, you know, we've heard all of these advertisements, all of these commentaries and different debates and all, but when it comes down to every-day citizens, i've talked to people in florida, people in georgia, same story down there, pat. people are hyped up.
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they want election day to come and get over with. but they are out to participate. >> standing in line, dave, for hours. >> it's sandy, sure. that put a bump in it, and everybody that would have gone is going to go later, and the lines are continuing, but the fact is, this is a hot election, obama versus, you know, his opponent, mitt romney, and maryland is not a battleground state, but a lot of interest in it, and questions, gambling, same sex, you name it. and everybody heads up for that. and it's uncertain how things will turn out. one thing for sure, should be a banner election year as far as people voting. >> i think early voting has been pushed like never before. on our show, we push it every day. there are campaigns, n anaacp, urban league, radio shows, talk show hosts, telling everybody to
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vote early, vote early, anything can happen. and i think that has a lot to do with it, and now that we had sandy, i imagine folks thinking inclement weather, i don't want that to happen on tuesday. >> another thing i find, the fact of the i.d. the whole i.d. thing? in ththis is like a slap in the to a lot of people. people are going out to vote. >> were election officials prepared? >> no. i don't think they are ever prepared. that's just bureaucracy. my grandmother had this is aing, some people don't believe fat meat is greasy. it's an old country saying. they hear all of this talk about early voting, but they don't think, oh, maybe we ought to put out a few extra people.
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the answer in my opinion is, no, they weren't prepared for this. >> i guess we'll have to take a closer look after the election, but you're right, there certainly have been long lines. i think they prepared as well as they could, based on my reporti reporting. i'm not so sure i would be as harsh on them. i don't want to make an opinion on this, i want to make sure how things turn out. a lot of early voting, and certain people there are rushes, and i have noticed that in northern virginia. that will probably happen on election day. whether we can say that people weren't prepared, i don't know. >> in person absentee in virginia. >> they missed a couple of days and they are back in full swing. >> in d.c., people say they weren't inconvenienced by the
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storms, but the way the machines were set up in individual precincts, with the majority of machines set up to handle city-wide you races and maybe only a couple to handle the races in that particular neighborhood. >> this is something the election board has the problem almost every election. some machines, the voters can't get the vote in, because the machines aren't working right and in your particular case you are bringing up, the fact that the machines didn't record or process those voters in the local community. that's not good. d.c. depends on those ward races as well as very, very local anc races. >> joe. >> i was just going to say, i still go back to this- i think they are so used to to doing it one way that they don't anticipate or sit down and plan. let's see how wcan improve
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this. >> that's bureaucracy. that's the unfortunate thing about bureaucrats. i think they mean well, and i understand where dave is coming from, and i think we did it this way last ye and we'll do it this way this year unless something happens. >> pundits say the presidential campaign, race too close to call. last week, mitt romney has woulded a lot of women voters, that's helped him. and the senate race narrowing. and there has been a slight lead there. what impact do you think that the hurricane will have on this battleground state. >> a question of who might not vote or might not have voted by now. in the absentee and early voting. we don't know that, mouch of a crimp there has been. they take part in early voting. they think it helps them. and this year, republicans on
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the bandwagon. romney has big crowds, some say bigger than president obama's. will those people vote? there is an enthusiasm factor crowing on the romney side. but very strong on the obama side too. whereas a lot of republican base doesn't -- almost visceral. they want to fire president obama. and if it gets really going it could be significant. we don't know yet. if the top part of the ticket, that part of the ticket will do well too. >> you think there will be ticket splitting in virginia? >> you mean vote for president obama and george allen? >> yeah. >> george allen maintain s some celebrity. he has had time to reflect and
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some people think become a better person. we'll have to see. >> joe, jerry, romney, contain. >> i think submitting could happen because of issues, women could go for obama and allen, have you a submitting there. interesting how roll knee is picking up more women voters. you might have a lot of split voters. >> i go back to your original question. hurricane sandy, what kind of impact it has, and i think if you meant visually, the president has looked like he's in charge. no ifs ands about it. the virginia governor mcdonald saying we worked well together and lord knows that christie, i'm wondering if he's going to vote for president obama after all of this. and that certainly makes obama look very presidential, looks
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compassionate as christie has said and i think that will have an impact on the race. >> no katrina moments for president obama and my reporting indicates there haven't been any. and mitt romney just tries to have service event and plays it down, campaigning strongly now. they both are. one of those factors we'll know more about on election day. >> we have to take a break, we'll be right back. stay with us.
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the washington area dodge the the worst of hurricane sandy, but a lot of people faced a loss of power and downed trees. how did the region do? how did we weather the storm? how did utilities weather it, how did they prepare? >> the input we are getting is that they did pretty well that
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there was preparation and good response, a little bit of concern raised about the virginia situation with their power folks, pepco. a lot of people were saying a lot of different things about pepco this time than in previous storms. baltimore gas & electric. our listeners seem to be telling us that in general, they seem satisfied and people without power are not happy, we got a lot of that. there you go. >> one of the things out of this whole scenario of preparation for the storm. should be a model of preparedness throughout the region. a lot about how emergency preparedness happened throughout the storm. but this is a good example if you are prepared right and prepare with operations and working conditions and things like that, you wouldn't get through -- you can survive and
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get through. >> one of the ways we prepared. metro schult down early, schools increased early, federal government offices were closed early. >> i was going to say, yes, it worked. >> was it too much? >> no, could could not have been too much, i think everybody went on the side of caution. that was the smart thing. usually what happens, they wait until the middle of the day, we're going to close the government and close the schools. then the streets and highways are involved in gridlock. here is what they did. they said we think worst-case scenario, and, bam, shut things down early so people were able to prepare, could go to the store, not worried about going to work. i think they handled it. bloomingdale, for example, cleaning out those drainage sewers early enough worked. that helped and saved a lot of
6:28 am
problems, tree trimming, so a lot of things from the last storm helped for a better situation, but most important of all, we dodged a big bullet, unlike new jersey and new york. >> we learned from snow-mageddon the hard way, but we learned. the big headline, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, and that really helped us. >> what did you think about the taxi drivers in d.c.? able to tack on an extra $15. and then gypsy drivers, hanging out with their vehicles ready to pick up passengers? >> really curious about the $15. i heard the mayor saying at least it will deter people from going out to catch a cab. that's a good point. $15 is awful steep, especially if your wife is pregnant and you have to get to washington
6:29 am
memorial. >> that's private enterprise. that's what people do, nothing you can do about it. i think your point is well made. maybe people say, forget it. i'm going to stay in, not going to run out here, willy-nilly. what can you do about that? >> it was optional with the cab drivers, some cab drivers did not want to charge $15. >> it will be interesting to see if there is any fight about that. a post script. should we continue the $15 surcharge? i'm just wondering. >> any thoughts about the d.c. elections? >> the d.c. elections, i think michael brown, not predicting, but simply saying from what i'm talking to people in the community, god knows we've covered this for a long time. >> i think people are very wary about michael brown, vincent orange, they haven't enjoyed the best publicity and especially
6:30 am
with precincts. in precincts, talking about the different wards where there are high voter turnouts. these people read and keep up with the news. >> high voter turnout, if some incumbents and some reporting, high voter turnout, people get riled up and there therefore familiar faces and incumbents might have to start worrying, we'll have to see how it turns out. the council itself. such low esteem, anyone running ought to be looking over their shoulder. >> this is a presidential election and district presidential election brings people out. >> we've got to go. thank you, guys. thank you for being with us. that's "reporter's notebook." stay with us, news 4 today continues.
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good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. >> off no another cool start. the sun might show up. >> the sun didn't show up too much yesterday. we're hoping for more. let's check in with chuck. >> good morning to both of you, good morning, everybody. certainly off to a chilly start this morning. 30s and 40s on the map. probably all right noticed the improving picture in the sky. yesterday, from washington northbound, socked in with the clouds. sunshine yesterday in central virginia. we'll flip the tables on that a little bit today, more sunshine from d.c. north and cloud cover for you folks across central and southern virginia. so there you go. current temperatures, 30s and 40s. noticeable december like chill in the air.
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clear skies, not much of a rain threat. and virginia/north carolina border, but they are not coming in our direction. not a whole lot going on. nice quiet weather aren't here today. and stretching into election day as well. there is your sunday planner today. a cold start, sunshine for mote most, and temperatures climbing to the low 50s. redskins and panthers 1:00 today, and game time temperatures generally in the 40s, and then back to work and school tomorrow. another bundler coming up first thing tomorrow morning. an extra layer of warmth needed. we'll talk about the rest of the week, which looks interesting to say the least, coming up. >> i don't know how i like that. >> me neither. now to decision 2012. candidates crisscrossing the country in final hours, hitting almost all of the key battleground states. romney campaign is set to visit
6:33 am
iowa, ohio, and pennsylvania. and the president in iowa, new hampshire and florida. president obama, mitt romney, making their final case to the american people. >> david gregory joins us live from rockefeller center in new york city. good morning, david. >> good morning, guys, sorry i'm not with you there. you have to see our election head quarters, democracy plaza, home for election night and for "meet the press" this morning. it's terrific. >> 48 hours from the start of it all, candidates are passing each other by in the swing states. who has made some head way in the last days of campaigning. >> this is what is so difficult to know. you can look at the data. breaking developments of the latest head-to-head poll, between the president and governor romney in the latest survey. you look at public polling, a key one out of iowa has the president up five.
6:34 am
that's part of the midwestern firewall for the president. then you look at a state like florida. new polls show it's deadlocked there. deadlocked in new hampshire, very close in colorado. in ohio, the president up by a couple of points. these are all very important. they say two things, the president has a slight edge here, but exceedingly close. a couple of points in this race that separates these two, which makes the final stretch very important and the final arguments very important. but more important. getting the vote out. what will the vote look like both in number and also in demographics. that's what will decide this race. >> what impact do you see hurricane sandy having? will it change things in any way?
6:35 am
>> if there is an october surprise, it's chris christie and president obama attached as sort of political brothers in effect and that endorsement in a way, very high marks for christie for obama, i think did have a political impact. this is a republican and democrat working together on a pressing problem. seems to have had an impact. how much? we'll see. that has to be counter balanced by bithe frustration in this area. i think it definitely has an effect in the final week. >> new job numbers, how are both sides playing it? >> well, look, i think they fortify both arguments, right? for the president, upward fwroet in the creation of jobs, the country on the right track, that's his argument. but the reality is still difficult, and governor romney underlines it, unemployment higher than when the president came into office.
6:36 am
promised to restore employment, it hasn't happened. if romney can prevail, the economy will be the signature issue that got him over the top. >> who is joining you today, david, on "meet the press." >> rick cantor, house majority leader and david plouffe, the master behind of the president's re-election campaign. and a great roundtable as you look at the latest polls, big final arguments and what matters most here in the stretch of the campaign. >> we'll be watching. thank you. >> and we have team coverage of both campaigns in the last-minute stops in our area. president obama, high-powered help. we have more from prince william county. >> the president's rally in prince william county, fourth battleground stop of the day. travelled to ohio, wisconsin and iowa, before wrapping up the day in northern weigh. before mr. obama arrived, two warm up acts of sorts.
6:37 am
dave matthews and bill clinton started things off. this was part of the president's final pitch. >> 2008, middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. today, we have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs. the american auto industry back on top. home values on the rise, housing construction is coming back. >> romney campaign spending even more of its final days in virginia. today, vice presidential candidate paul ryan headlines rallies for the gop ticket in richmond and with paul showing virginia the closest of battleground, ryan appealed directly for help in turning out the vote. >> we talked to that friend, neighbor, that liked hope in 2008, knows how it's an empty promise. we will wake up wednesday, november 7th, and we will know we met the moment as a country. >> repter: this is the last scheduled stop, but vice
6:38 am
president joe biden comes to sterling on monday and mitt romney spends sunday and monday in the commonwealth with a rally in fairfax on monday. news 4 today. long lines in d.c. as voters lined up for their last chance to cast an early ballot. last day for in-person absentee ballot. administrators not worried about long lines on election day as many polling places will be open. we'll have complete coverage up to tuesday and all of the results. stay up to date on our website, now to sandy's impact. this morning, signs of progress in areas hardest hit by the storm. help starting to arrive and lights back on in manhattan, but thousands in new york's other boroughs are still waiting. michael bloomberg criticized companies for not restoring power to places like brooklyn and queens.
6:39 am
other lawmakers are urging people to be patient. we'll spend as much time, effort, and energy to make sure all of the people in new york and new jersey and connecticut know that the entire country is behind them. >> we have a long road ahead of to us get over the storm, but is it doesn't mean we have to do it alone. we will work on it together. >> people without power are being urged to seek sheer wherever they can. as temperatures are set to drop. >> lawmakers promise the gas shortage in new york and new jersey will be over in the coming days. people waited in lines that stretched for miles to fill up their gas tanks. new york governor andrew cuomo said 12 million gallons of gas are headed to the region. gas ration in northern parts of the state. >> and about 80% of new york subways are up and running.
6:40 am
the first time in almost a week that people can travel between manhattan and brooklyn by subway. not clear where the rest of the trains will be back in service. >> air travel back to normal. most airlines say they should be running regular service as soon as tomorrow. hurricane sandy affected thousands of flights throughout the world. some airlines say they are continuing to waive rebooking fee for flights going through new york. a missing alexandria man. he vanished on october 24th. last seen at his home on evenwood place and he may appear to be confused or disoriented. his family says he frequently walks around the richmond highway area. anyone with information is asked to contact fairfax county police. today should be a perfect day for d.c. to take a nice, deep breath as the breathe deep
6:41 am
5k gets under way later this morning. the event raises money for lung cancer research awareness patients from around the country. the walk starts off by 10:00 this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist doug camp kammer is the emcee. >> we don't see doug much on the weekends, this is really, really important. >> trying to recruit people to go down there. i'm sure he will have a big crowd. time. 6:41. good morning, everyone. puppets descend on the national mall with a message to lawmakers on capitol hill. a popular social networking site gets political. bo
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washington home to rallies and demonstrations all the time. yesterday's had some slightly different characters. big bird and other friends joined puppeteers to show support for public television. it was inspired by comments about wanting to cut funding for pbs. >> we are kids. raised on public television and we feel it's important. music and arts is part of our every day lives. >> widespread public support for public media and important for democracy to do that. >> organizers say that there were about 1,500 attendees at the march. it is not affiliated with pbs.
6:46 am
is social media is playing a big role. both sides are using a site popular with women. >> pinterest goes political. >> women talk about hobbies and crafts, but for many people in the washington area, politics is their hobby. >> erica anderson, social media direct for for the conservative heritage foundation. and on the other side, a board featuring gorgeous state parks, where romney could drill and also the golf courses of the obama administration, romney's private jets and pages ran by those close to the candidates. michelle obama and ann romney do their fair share of pinning. pinterest is popular. the biggest driver of traffic, but that's okay. >> we can take a little bit from our research and paper and pull
6:47 am
out facts and put them in in a visual way. >> crafts, food and drink, home dec decor, kids, photography. there are so many different categories on pinterest. none related to politics. as far as politics being added to the mix, pinterest says we don't comment on future plans. that bothers anderson. >> the fact of the matter is politics are part of it. a lot of politically minded people on pinterest. >> a lot of people looking online to be inspired. a recent pew study reported 36% of social networking site users found those sites important in keeping up with political news. >> and i am obsessed with pinterest. >> and you're on it too. i keep up with our news 4 today
6:48 am
pinterest page. >> you cover all things beautiful and we fall into that category. >> we'll be discussing that later. and we're asking for your repin. talking about the weather today, not too much change is involved as far as what we saw yesterday. >> here is the thing, even if it isn't going to be warmer it will feel a good bit warmer. i'll explain why, we'll talk about the week ahead, and would i dare use an "s" word?
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with the holiday shopping season around the corner, some stores are krissing their online options. target and toys r us, two stores trying to steer customers away from online sites like amazon
6:52 am
and back to their sites. offering price matching, layaway, free shipping, anything to make sure shoppers stay on their site. target offering shoppers qr codes to see if a toy they are looking for is online when it's not in the actual store. >> cool, very cool. can't believe we're talking about holiday shopping. >> if you were to go back ten years and run a story like that and show someone from ten years ago, would you know what a qr code or a tweet was? >> no. a funny little box. our daily language has changed so dramatically in the last five or ten years. >> hard to imagine 20 years from now when my child is going to college, how things are going to be. crazy to think about. a few things remain the same. when you mention the word snow,
6:53 am
people's ears perk up. there is the mention, the possibility of a little snow. somewhere close by before the week is through. now i'll give you the disclai r disclaimers, an interesting week around here by all indications and richard and angie were joking, every time i use the word interesting, people get nervous. what a great picture outside from our city camera view. welcome back to standard time, everybody. sunrise, an hour earlier today than yesterday. 41 degrees, so off to a cold start this morning. plenty of 30s on the map. subfreezing from frederick, maryland to lat annsville, gaithersburg, all at or below freezing this morning, carolina panthers in town, taking on redski redskins, temperatures, mid to upper 40s with sunny breaks. awfully chilly outside today. headed out to the game, a bundle up factor. false returns on the radar, no rain in our area today, closest
6:54 am
drops, across parts of the virginia/north carolina border. rain across the gulf coast, and cold air diving south in the upper midwest. they will combine forces to bring us the opportunity of a chilly rain. i-95 eastbound and an opportunity for snowflakes north and west. feeling mild. and the december chill, through much of the front half of the week. wednesday, wednesday night, thursday. by wednesday, rain, relatively low impact, but medium impact on the coastline. mostly for the wind threat and there will be a chance late wednesday night of at least the opportunity of snowflakes. don't think we'll get it all the way to washington, but we have to watch very carefully. may be a chance for wet snowflakes. high impact for the new england
6:55 am
coastline. still chilly outside for today. as you can see on the forecast, the chilly weather lingers, temperatures only on in the upper 40s on election day. will be dry. but wednesday, wednesday night, thursday, worth keeping an eye on the forecast. moving over to sports, wizards lose a close one. >> we have all of the details in this morning's sports minute. good sunday morning, your sports minute starts with college football. terps hosting georgia tech. maryland starting sean petty at quarterback. a backup linebacker playing qb. petty finished with two touchdown passes, both to stephon digz, wouldn't be enough. maryland falls 33-13.
6:56 am
to the big boys, rg3 and the redskins hosting the panthers later today. and the rookie quarterback, and not too fond of comparisons to carolina's qb. >> something that the media is going to play into, both of us being a quarterback with similar styles to each other. not about us getting the win. >> to the other football, d.c. united playing host to the new york red bulls this one ended in a draw. both teams put in own goals. andy nejar, a red card after throwing the ball at the ref. he won't play in game two on wednesday. wizards homeowner, kevin serafin with the clutch jumper. but paul pierce comes right back with a three of his own. 3-27 on the night. and wizards fall 89-86.
6:57 am
that's your sport minute. have a great sunday. thanks, carole. today is your last chance to try some of the best food from around the country right here in d.c. the final day of the metro cooking show. more than 400 exhibits featuring companies with samples of cookies, hot sauces, everything in between. today's event, 10:00 to 6:00, tickets, $27 at the door. and i believe that what's her name? giada
6:58 am
charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today, i'm andy goff. >> i'm richard jordan. off to another cool start. 2-2 this weekend. >> yes, very dry. feels like winter. >> it does. you need your moisturizer for your hands, your chap stick needs to be found once again. cold, dry air is in place, and it will stick around. if you are thinking as soon as the sun will be up, it will be fine? not so much. great looking start as city cam
7:01 am
zooms around the north end of the runway there. and look there. the potomac, a beautiful start to your sunday morning, and i think generally speaking, you will like the weather today, as long as you like it chilly. it won't feel as cold as yesterday. and more sunshine today than yesterday. off to a colder start, though. temperatures subfreezing, western fairfax, out to loudoun county. a lot of spots in the cold sheltered valleys below the freezing mark. nearest drops down across the virginia/north carolina border, all quiet upstream. dry today, dry on election day. cold morning. sunshine for most today. the less wind and the more sunshine today, will make it feel much, much warmer today than yesterday. yesterday felt like the middle of winter. >> we were going to go to the farm and i scratched that. we're going to the mall and
7:02 am
everybody else had the same idea. >> get the horse blanket for yourself. >> you're right about that. in the news, a 19-year-old behind bars after he attacked two women in two separate incidents. officers arrested demarco miles and charged him with first degree sex assault. they believe he attacked a woman at howard university friday afternoon as well. and facing charges for attacking a woman last week. and the family of a local man vanniced october 24th. he was last seen at his home on havenwood place and may be disoriented. and rosalynn and cemetery stations remain closed for track work. >> those are some of the stories making news. next, nbc 4's viewpoint.
7:03 am
>> we'll be back with another news update. welcome to "viewpoint" this morning, talking about crime. speed cams, the progress and challenge for police in montgomery county. we have our guest, the chief of police, thomas major. chief major, welcome back. >> always good to be here, thank you. >> coming up on nine years since you were sworn in in 2004. what are you most proud of in your department? >> a lot to be proud of. i have unbelievably talented men and women that work for the police department. proud of them every day. as i look back and see some of the changes that we've been able to make over the years, getting cameras in the cars has been a huge step forward, i have instituted many -- a number of years ago as to a program for the commanders in the department, to hold them
7:04 am
accountable for their crime fighting strategies and looking at the crime staths every single week to see where spikes were occurring to stay on top of those, and i think our communication department has been enhanced. come into the 21st century and we're tweeting and liking you on facebook, all those kinds of things, and we're getting information out to the public as quickly and as best we can. >> social media, a big part of the outreach. i want to talk about outreach later on in the half hour. tell us about the biggest challenges you see today and the years to come? >> well, you know, the population continues to grow. clarksburg, when i started nine years ago, clarksburg, people just starting to move up there, and starting to expand. very soon it will be one of the largest community in montgomery county. looking at where the
7:05 am
developments occurring and where the population is increasing, you've gotta make sure you have adequate staffing in those locations. it's been a struggle to keep up with it. i've worked for a couple of county executives, both supportive of public safety, but we've gone through tough budget times. every department in the country has had to cut back and we haven't been able to grow or keep up with some of the challenges, but i can tell you that the last year after the staffing plan, we can grow, year one, and we're coming on year two. coming up, it comes down to crime fighting. that's the bottom line for the police. our biggest responsibility is responding to 911 calls and making sure that we keep crime
7:06 am
in check, so those are the things that we're focused on that occupy most of our time. >> talk about population, certainly the demographics have changed. speak if you would to diversity and the importance of reaching out to say the hispanic community, which we've seen grow tremendously in montgomery county. >> the school system always lets folks know, 150 languages spoken in montgomery county. we're keenly aware of that as well. when we look at requests for interpretation, language, services, and it's 95% spannic, so we've had to by necessity, hire more spanish speaking officers, not just latino officers, we've increased the number of african-american and asian officers, all through the
7:07 am
ranks of the department. and one of the things we did a couple of years ago, we put a full-time spanish instructor in the police academy. we are teaching police, officers and firefighters from the time they start the academy, how to speak spanish at a level where they can communicate to somebody. when you are responding, you have to have some basic communication skills. we have folks who assist us to communicate with everybody, when you are on the street and trying to help somebody right then and there, you don't want the delay, and you want to be able to have some communication ability right there. we've really focused on that and we do a better job of that today, but that continues to be a challenge, we do speak a lot of languages in this count ay a have to be able to communicate with everybody. >> does that mean more resources are devoted to different areas? >> it does.
7:08 am
we keep track of where our service demands come from. both geographically in terms of how many calls do we get for somebody who needs to speak spanish or chinese. we keep track of all of that information, we've got folks that do outreach to different religious community, and it's a constant challenge to make sure that we are getting into the communities, but when it's the geographical, we've got a high percentage of spanish-speaking residents. do we have people in the community communicating with the spannic speakers? to the muslim community. are we getting into mosques, talking to people, making sure they are not victims of crimes, reporting what's going on in terms of our ability to deliver
7:09 am
police officer, so it's -- it's a constant challenge. and you don't necessarily have to make it a responsibility to make sure she is getting things done. >> a lot more to get to. we have police chief thomas major. stay with us.
7:10 am
7:11 am
welcome back. our guest this morning is montgomery county police chief thomas major. we talk about the past nine years you've been at the helm in montgomery county. before that you were chief in fairfax county. we're ten-year anniversary of the sniper attacks. the whole region remembers, the whole country, in fact. talk about its lasting impact today on law enforcement, how we protect people? >> i think one of the things that we accomplished with that
7:12 am
investigation was the ability to work as a region. i can tell you that 20 years ago, police departments didn't work as well together i think they can had good relationships. but today you can have a police officer go to their desk top and get information from outside the department. we have these records management systems, all connected, and this really came out of necessity, because when you have -- working the sniper case with killings in maryland, virginia, and the district, we had to work together, and i will tell you, that the public would have gotten pretty impatient with us if they felt we weren't cooperating, so having the federal government come in,
7:13 am
alcohol, tobacco, firearms come in, assist with resources they had, coordinate things with us, it really i think was a model for how these large-scale investigations of multiple crimes can get investigated. there have been books written about it, and when we've had other cases aren't the country, i think that is a model to do those investigations. >> it seems like three weeks we were paralyzed, you mentioned earlier during the break, a couple or three days away from public sentiment really turning on police. >> i really think that the public opinion would have started to change a little bit. public tremendously supportive with law enforcement, but i think that the public was getting impatient for when is this going to be over? it did last for three weeks, and
7:14 am
i believe we were probably less than a week away from the public sentiment turning a little bit on the police, saying, okay, you had enough time to figure this out, why haven't you caught these folks, especially if the killings had continued. >> what are your thoughts on federal gun legislation when it comes to mass shootings across the country? >> this is -- when talk about gun laws and -- in the united states, a lot of people are very passionate about these laws. when you look at what happened in aurora, colorado and you can point to mass shootings all over the country now, unfortunately, i think this country needs to get back to common-sense legislation, the assault weapons ban was repealed a few years back, and it makes sense. certain weapons, certain kinds
7:15 am
of clips of ammunition that the military certainly needs with the work they do. i'm not sure which purpose they serve in the civilian world to look at those kinds of things and say there is no real reason to go out with automatic weapons with huge clips to go hunting, at least not the hunters i know, so i think we really need to look at common-sense measures that there are folks that fight these things with tremendous political clout, and i think many of the folks on capitol hill are hesitant to make -- they must -- they have to believe in their own minds is the right thing to do. but they know politically damaging to them. they have not been able to get through what i believe is common sense legislation in terms of getting some of these things under control that might help prevent and might help us
7:16 am
investigate and have some better resolution to these mass shootings we're seeing over the counted. >> when we come back, let's talk about crime trends in montgomery county. right back on "viewpoint." stick around. charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
7:17 am
i'm angie goff. some of the stories we're following this morning. a 19-year-old behind bars after police say he attacked two women in two separate incidents. officered arrested demarco myles and charged him with first degree sex assault. they believe he attacked a woman at howard university friday afternoon. and also facing charges for attacking a woman in a northeast apartment complex last week. today, the family of a missing alexandria man is calling on the public to help find him. the man vanished october 24th. his family says he was last seen at his home on havenwood place
7:18 am
and may appear to be confused and disoriented. anyone with information is asked to contact fairfax county police. redskins look to get back into the win column as they take on the panthers. burgundy and gold, off a tough loss against pittsburgh. game time at 1:00 p.m. now back to "viewpoint." welcome back to "viewpoint." our guest, thomas major. let's go over some of the crime stats and trends you are seeing there in your jurisdiction, a huge population and we were talking about homicides for one. they are down, but the number is very small there. >> the number is always very low in montgomery county. we're fortunate with that. average jurisdiction, 60 to 70 homicides. approximate we typically have 20 or less. this year, we had about ten at this point.
7:19 am
this is the stats through august. we had ten last year, we have eight there this year, we're on target probably to have well less than 20 by the end of the year. which is very low. what i typically look at how we're doing crime wise, i look at robberies and burglaries. and burglaries are flat or a little better? >> we were up last year so we're getting back, we've reduced it a little bit. >> but it's robberies. >> robberies concern us. and i'll tell you, it's primarily -- robberies up about 10%, 11%, so far this year, so that's not good. probably the wrong numbers. 60 or 70 robberies this year and they are street robberies, not talking about an increase in bank robberies or 7-elevens. we're talking about people
7:20 am
walking down the street and having somebody jump them and take their cell phone, ipod, that's the typical robbery that we're seeing in montgomery county? >> what can people attribute this too? desperation or easy prey. >> i think it's more crimes of opportunity. we've long since disproved the notion that bad economic times, crime goes up. i don't really think that's the case and certainly hasn't been the case in montgomery county. what we're seeing, and i'll tell you, we're seeing it in the areas in the north part of the county. gaithersburg, germantown, where we're seeing the increases in the number of robberies. it stays pretty flat. wheaton, bethesda, down county. not seeing increases of robberies, but it's in gaithersburg and germantown, we have to focus more resources up
7:21 am
there. i still think it's crimes of opportunity, people see somebody walking down the street, night, by themselves, an easy target. >> let me ask you about a couple of cases. female jogger sexually assaulted. what is the status? >> an ongoing investigation. this past week, a couple of days ago, we put out a composite, a drawing of the suspect in the case, and the description was a white mail in his 20s. she thought he was riding a bike. saw this individual on a bike go back and forth a couple of times looking at her, so that's the suspect in the case, so it's still under investigation. very active investigation. >> we had a tragic case last week, have you been for years shepherding an aggressive campaign on pedestrian safety. a 15-year-old on her way to high school in germantown, killed by
7:22 am
a car that hit her. >> very tragic case. a lot of folks that think the fact that it stays so -- we're the time of year when it stays so dark and you are right on the day we're changing the clocks. >> exactly. >> when this occurred, kids walking to school. still fairly dark out, and i think we continually need to look at that issue. always more dangerous when it's dark, and absolutely a tragic case. still under investigation. darkness may have had some -- prevented the driver from seeing the student. >> i've been out on some of your campaigns where you are trying to make pedestrians and drivers more aware, what can you do beyond that to get people to walk in crosswalks and look both ways?
7:23 am
common sense things that people don't do every time? >> three "es." enforcement, education, we stop pedestrians who are crossing mid block, and we -- we take enforcement action on them. and we continuously as you know, put material out, trying to educate the public about pedestrian safety. i think engineering is really where we need to make an investment, and the best example is people -- if they go from point "a" to point "b," they walk a straight line. if there is a crosswalk, they cross there, but if not -- if you look right at the discovery building, they put a crosswalk, because they knew people wouldn't walk up to wayne avenue
7:24 am
or colesville road, they will cross right there they put the crosswalk there with a light and i think it was engineering genius move to do that, because that's where people were going to cross, so they made is safe for them to cross, we need to continue to work on all three "es" to reduce the number of pedestrians hit and killed. >> and common sense. >> yes. chief, right back. much more to get to on "viewpoint." stick around.
7:25 am
7:26 am
welcome back to "viewpoint." our guest this sunday morning, police chief thomas major from montgomery county. chief, we're seeing them everywhere with the population explosion, we have seen in d.c., these speed cameras, bringing in a lot of revenue. they seem to be everywhere, in your jurisdiction as well. how much money do they bring in? >> we typically think they will
7:27 am
bring in anywhere from $10 million to $11 million each year. i will tell you the amount they brought in has gone down each year the cameras have been out there. and people say that's because people know where the cameras are because they slow down for the cameras and speed back up. one of the things we're trying to do is create safety zones and put mobile cameras, a quarter mile, half mile past the fixed pole cameras are, and -- >> that's a one-two punch. >> it is. but i tell you, it is getting people to slow down. you look at the number of crashes that we have that are speed related and the number of people that are speeding in the areas where we have a lot of pedestrians traffic, the numbers are heading in the right direction. and i said this many times -- i have been a cop 36 years, no more effective program in getting people to pay attention to their speed and, you know, slowdown than the speed cameras. >> this is the future really of policing when it comes to
7:28 am
traffic. >> it is. and i'll tell you, not popular with everyone. a lot of people hate those speed cameras, but we get cards and letters every day, asking, hey, can you put one on my street. so they may not be popular with some folks, but very popular with others. >> a lot of people may not know, interesting. whvr y whenever you come visit us, you drive yourself, in an unmarked car. you are a street officer first and foremost. >> i have never gotten that out of my system. wrote a warning citation a couple of days ago. people do something in front of me, i'm still a come, take enforcement action when i can. >> do they sit up straight when they know it's the chief? >> most people don't know.
7:29 am
they just think i'm an old cop. i had a chief, the judge called the case, i walked up to the podium, and the young man walked up and the judge actually said, son, i don't know what you did, but if the chief of police is writing you a ticket, i got to believe you're guilty. this is great. a perfect reason to appeal up to circuit court. fortunately, the young man plead guilty, that was that. >> touched on another big campaign of yours, get video cameras in cruisers, and you're having a lot of success with that. >> they make a difference. it shows my cops are out there doing their job the way they are supposed to do it. a lot of examples where people make complaints against officers, where we look at the tape, right there for people to see, exactly what the officers did, what they said and where it exonerates officers where people make complaints, we had a case where an officer -- had to use
7:30 am
deadly force against a dog. very emotional thing. oh my gosh. cops shot a dog. and you saw the entire encounter, everybody saw exactly what the officer did. oftentimes -- and if we were just to take the officer's word for it, a lot of people might say, is the officer telling the truth. what really happened is right there for people to see. i think cameras are a good thing for accountability. >> thank you so much for coming in. great to see you as always. >> thank you. again, chief of police, coming up on nine years in january. we thank him once again for coming to "viewpoint." now back to news 4 today, enjoy the rest of your day, everybody. hopefully you didn't forget to set your clocks back.
7:31 am
the finish line in sight for the presidential candidates. president baroqack obama and mi romney head toward tuesday. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. one thing not to forget today, the chap stick. >> you are starting that the hard way your lips look good. >> that's advice from chuck bell. standing by with the dry and cold forecast. hope i didn't give it away. >> don't you worry. i've got you covered. a beautiful day outside. yes, indeed, i really thought it would be another month. usually we don't need to worry about the chap stick and hand lotion until december, you know what? it sure feels like december outside. it did yesterday and it will again today. but the difference, more sunshine in the sky today.
7:32 am
temperatures in the 30s to low 40s across the region. very chilly indeed. off to the early morning run, walk, bike ride, dog walk. whatever it will be. an extra bundle factor on sunday morning. storm team 4 radar shows no rain drops, a few drops on the virginia/north carolina border. moving away from us. for the rest of your sunday. more sunshine than yesterday. that's nice. less wind to worry about. temperatures reach up to the upper 40s and low 50s for a time. redskins at home today at fedex field playing the carolina panthers, nice day for our redskins win, going into the bye week. >> all right, chuck. thanks. two days to go for president obama and mitt romney, kicking campaigns into high gear. nbc's brian mooar with more on their whirlwind schedules. >> hello, bristol. >> former president bill clinton
7:33 am
may have been losing his voice, but in virginia, he spoke up for president obama, trying to soften up a critical swing state. >> we made real progress, virginia. >> governor mitt romney trying to hold down iowa, a battleground state where he's fallen behind five points in the latest polls. >> with the voters of iowa, we can't lose. >> reporter: candidates crossed paths within hours, making the file arguments in the last weekend of the campaign. and the president was joined by musicians john mellencamp and katy perry. >> are you fired up? >> governor romney got a boost from nascar legend richard petty. >> as much as you hear in a nascar race, right, richard? >> with only two days of campaigning left, the candidates beginning their blitz of battleground states. governor romney, campaigning in
7:34 am
pennsylvania. 20 electoral votes thought to be in president obama's column are now up for grabs. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. how much has hurricane sandy impacted the election. david gregory joined us earlier today and said it definitely changed the scope of the election. >> that endorsement in a way, very high marks with a political impact. a republican and democrat working together on a pressing problem. seems to have had an impact. how much? we'll see. definitely had an affect in the final week. >> a busy morning for "meet the press." david plouffe and house gop leader eric cantor join david. catch "meet the press" right here on nbc 4. stay with us. we have complete coverage leading to tuesday. we'll have all of the results on tuesday night and stay up to date on our website,
7:35 am
new this morning, a deadly shooting overnight in southeast washington, gunfire erupted after 2:00 this morning in the 300 block of ridge road southeast. police have not released the victim's name yet. police reportedly searching for four men who may be connected to the shooting. d.c. police one teen responsible for two violent attacks against women in the past ten days. police arrested 19-year-old demarco miles friday night. accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her howard university dorm room friday afternoon. students at the school are worried for their safety after this attack. >> i do think that the security really needs to step it up. it's really scary. >> any idea how this guy got in your building? >> i really have no clue, honestly. >> myles, the man you see in this video, is facing charges of stabbing and trying to sexually assault a woman at the rhode
7:36 am
island row apartment complex last week, that woman, still in the hospital with serious injuries. now to sandy's impact. this morning, signs of progress in areas hardest hit by the storm. help is starting to arrive. lights back on in manhattan, thousands in new york's other boroughs are still waiting. mayor michael bloomberg criticized some. >> we will spend as much time, effort, and energy as anybody to make sure all of the people in new york, new jersey, and connecticut, know the sxwir country is behind them. >> we have a long road ahead of to us get over the but is it doesn't plea sw to have do it alone. we work on it together. >> police are ummed to seek shelter wherever they can as temperatures drop. students go back to class tomorrow, first time schools in the city will be open in more
7:37 am
than a week, there are challenges for the more than 1 million students that go to the nation's largest school system, some city schools are being used as shelters and with gasoline scarce and transportation barely manageable, many students will have a hard time getting school. and the search continues for a 64-year-old alexandria man. his family says he was last seen at his home on havenwood place and may appear confused. he walks around the richmond highway area. anyone with information, call fairfax county police. hundreds in d.c. will take a nice, deep breath as the longevity breathe deep walk gets underway. it raises money for lung cancer research. parents from around the country are expected to be here. the walk steps off by the
7:38 am
washington monument at 10:00 a.m. doug kammer is this yore's emcee. he'll check in live a little later. heading out? bundle up. 7:38. still ahead, puppets descend on the national mall with a message to lawmakers on capitol hill. your favorite dog and cat may be overweight and you may not know it. what you need to know to keep your pets healthy. >> join us online on facebook and twitter. search news 4 today. back in a moment. .
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7:41 am
traffic alert. ongoing work on the baltimore-washington parkways. crews try to replace a bridge near vwi marshal airport. the brand new bridge was wheeled in, shutting down northbound lanes of the parkway. $6 million project ran into projects two weeks ago when some of the load shifted, shutting
7:42 am
down the roadway. next weekend, crews will shut down south bound lanes to complete the work. today, the last day two stations will be closed because of track work for metro riders, the rosalynn and cemetery road stations closed all weekend. buses replacing trains between foggy bottom and courthouse on the orange line and foggy bottom and the pentagon on the blue line. and red line, single track work. rallies and demonstrations in washington not uncommon. one that hit the national mall yesterday was out of the ordinary. san the eagle, big bird, and other friends joined puppeteers to show support for public broadcasting. the million much pet march held yesterday. organizers say inspired by comments mitt romney made during the first presidential debate about wanting to cut funding for pbs. >> our kids were raised on mpt
7:43 am
and we feel it's important. music and art is part of our every day lives. >> widespread public support for all of public media, it's important for democracy to do that. >> organizers say there were about 1,500 attendees at the march, and it's not affiliated with pbs. >> some of them looked a little scary. >> yeah, you know, at this point -- >> some of the puppets. "today" is next on nbc 4. starts at 8:00. >> erica hill joins us live. >> hey, richard and angie, good morning to both of you, just ahead on sunday morning, adding insult to injury, another big storm heading to the east coast. just what you want to hear. the latest on the weather for you. we'll visit one hard-hit town trying to pick up the pieces after sandy and advice for people dealing with anxiety and stress in the wake of of the storm. also ahead, two days and counting until election day, so what's the state of the race for the white house?
7:44 am
david gregory and chuck todd with a look into their crystal balls. a long campaign season, one that has provided a pretty good amount of laughs. a look back at some of the lighter moments on the campaign trail. all that, plus lester's alarm clock troubles this morning. all ahead when we get started on a sunday morning. >> that's not good. >> it was in our news yesterday. >> daylight saving, standard time. >> did he show up an hour early. >> i'm 3/4 the way through my show. i don't know about you. >> looking bright eyed and cheery this morning with the extra hour of sleep. we'll be watching, thanks. >> thanks, guys. and i enjoyed the one hour. you didn't feel it at all. >> i went from three hours to four hours of sleep on a saturday night and it was awesome. >> you can use all the extra
7:45 am
hours. you are -- >> you would be shocked at the difference an hour will make. would you be shocked. off to a chilly start for now. the sun is out. we'll talk about today and the week ahead and maybe something brewing on the wednesday/
7:46 am
[ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage,
7:47 am
it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:48 am
you might see the sun a little early this morning. daylight saving time officially ended at 2:00 this morning. you should have set the clocks back an hour and got the extra hour of sleep. good thing to do when you fall back, replace batteries in the smoke detectors and change your home water feilter. obesity on the rise in the u.s., as people's waists grow,
7:49 am
so do their pets. more than half of all dogs and cats in the rust overweight. some extra pounds can take a toll on our furry friends. >> reporter: meet 8-year-old aggie. >> she is part of the family. she's just a third kid with four legs. >> reporter: also one of millions of overweight pets in america. >> she looked like an otto man, she was a square. >> reporter: more than half of dogs and cats are overweight. aggie's owner, holly noonan, hopes to turn that around. >> 83.5 today, good girl, aggie. you lost six pounds. >> holly is a former vet assistant turned stay-at-home mom. even though she used to work with animals, she needs some help. >> gaining weight for a pet can lead to an increase in cardio disease and decrease their life span by years. >> regimented diet and exercise are helping her shed pounds and
7:50 am
is keeping holly on track to. >> i put the kids to bed, and we went for a mile and a half walk. >> and we're going to watch what we eat. we know we shouldn't feed the dog extra goodies so we watch what we feed everybody else as well. >> too much treats and food is often the cull trit. >> making them happy makes us happy. >> reporter: one of the simple ways to save calories, switch out dog treats for carrots. 6-month-old gaby approves. >> carrots are fantastic. any kind of vegetable are great, fruits are great except for grapes. >> simple ways to see if your pet is carrying too many pounds. >> see if we can feel the ribs. hard to feel their ribs. broader over the rib cage when
7:51 am
viewed from above and have a tuck or taper toward her back legs. >> aggie has ten more pounds until she hits her goal weight. already on the path to health. >> i can tell when we go for walks at night, she was able to keep up. before when i would turn the corner to go the long route, she would put the brakes on. >> watch how much food you give them, exercise is key and gradually increase how much they do as they become more healthy and active. carrots are a good tip. >> and green beans. >> see how that goes over. >> walking is key. >> nicholas, the killer dog, almost 16 and does two walks per day. >> my dog doesn't like to walk. he likes to lay on the deck. >> all dogs like to walk. >> he was laying on the deck in this weather.
7:52 am
how lazy can you get. he went from atticus to fatticus. that's his nickname. chilly the next couple of days. padding, fur coat, helps a touch. and outside, a real december-like chill and this will stick around for i would say at least the next four or five days. waiting on another possibility of i coastal storm, wednesday, thursday time frame. what a good looking morning outside this morning. a little more cloud cover to the south of town than to the north. there is sunshine hitting the national cathedral early this morning. 40 degrees in washington, good day to get outside, do some exercisi exercising. longevity walk, and temperatures in the 30s to near 40. a nice brisk walk to get you going first thing this morning. temperatures on the up and up by later on this afternoon. hometown forecast, fairfax, virginia, 37 right now.
7:53 am
and up to 50 degrees by 2:00 this afternoon, and 6:00 time frame back to the mid 40s and by 11:00 tonight, back to the upper 30s once again. perfect day to sit inside and watch a little football. the redskins and the panthers today, sunny breaks, staying chilly. game time temps in the 40s. no threat for rain across the area. rain drops along the virginia/north carolina border will not be bothering us. moisture starting to gather along the gulf coast. where the next weathermaker comes from, down south and off the outer banks of north carolina from late wednesday into thursday. feeling mild, more sun, less wind, nice change compared to yesterday. the first area of low pressure scoots on out to sea. more cold nights coming. drop to 40 tonight for the first time since mid march. our december chill will linger. time frame we're watching out for, low impact around here for most of the day wednesday. but we get to wednesday night, a
7:54 am
median impact for rain and wind and there may be -- still a question mark here -- may be opportunity for snowflakes west of the blueridge and we'll see how snow chances continue to linger. real problem, new york, new england, not for a snowstorm but rain and potentially strong winds for the new york, new jersey, coastline. tough stretch by thursday. today, sunny and chilly. more sun from washington northbound, a little extra cloud cover across southern virginia and back to work and school tomorrow, sunny and chilly, and the seven-day forecast, and we must get out and vote on tuesday. countries new to democracy have 90% turnouts in elections, we're lucky to crack 60. and we should be ashamed of ourselves. >> history lesson and tongue lashing. >> thanks, chuck. today is the last chance to
7:55 am
try out the best food from around the country in d.c. final day of the metro cooking show in the washington convention center. companies offering samples of cookie, hot sauces and everything in between. today's event runs from 10:00 until 6:00, tickets, $27 at the door. moving over to sports, the terps forced to get creative at quarterback and wizards play their first game in front of the d.c. faithful. >> details in this morning's sports minute. >> good sunday morning, everyone. i'm carole maloney, and terps hosting georgia tech. sean petty starting at quarterback after they lost four qbs on the year, backup linebacker playing qb. petty finished with two touchdown passes to step on digs, it wouldn't be enough, maryland falls 33-13. to the big boys, rg3 and the
7:56 am
redskins hosting panthers later today, and the rookie quarterback, not too fond of comparisons to carolina's qb, cam newton. >> it's go that the media is going to play into, both of us being similar style quarterbacks. it's us getting 4-5 before the bye week. d.c. united playing host to the new york red bulls. this one ended in a draw. both teams put in own goals. andy najar, throws up a red card after throwing a ball at the ref. he won't play on tuesday. kevin sarafin with the clutch jumper. paul pierce comes right back with a three of his own. 27 on the night. and the wizards fall 89-86.
7:57 am
i'm carole maloney, have a great sunday. lots of first-time voters casting ballots, but likely nobody of them can top one woman's story. 9 9-year-old rosie lewis. 7 years old when the 19th amendment allowed women to vote. she says after not taking part in 2008, she swore she would cast a ballot in 2012. >> i said i'm going if the lord spare my life this time and i'm going to vote. >> her life has spanned an incredible 24 presidential elections. one of her friends helped her register to vote. >> go, rosie. last words of wisdom for those heading out. >> bundle up.
7:58 am
>> we get started again at 9:00. bundle up. we'll see you then. anncr: five hundred and thirty seven.
7:59 am
the number of votes that changed the course of american history. newscaster: florida is too close to call... anncr: the difference between what was... and what could have been. so this year, if you're thinking that your vote doesn't count. that it won't matter. well, back then, there were probably at least 537 people...

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